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Games old and new

Our Funky Arcade has a plethora of games old and new, so no matter how old you are, we will have games from your childhood.

Mario Kart Arcade GP

We have games such as Mario Kart Arcade GP which was noted for being the first Mario Kart game to feature crossover characters (Pac-Man, Ms Pac-Man, Blinky etc.), this game was first released in 2005. You need to speed your way round the course, avoiding obstacles to score on this game.

Sonic AllStars

We, also, have Sonic AllStars Basketball machine so you can shoot hoops into a moving hoop against the clock on your own or with friends. This game has different difficulty settings. Up to 15 players can play at a time with linkable scoring, making this a fast and competitive game.

Boxing Arcade Machine

Then there is our Boxing Arcade Machine where you can show off how strong your punch is. The heavy duty punchbag can withstand the strongest of punches over and over. It will then score you based on how strong your punch is. Who will be stronger? You or one of your friends?

Dance Machine

Dance Machines, although considered fairly modern, were actually originally released in 1999. They contain a selection of songs and score players based on their moves when they dance on the specially made pads. The aim of the game is to hit the correct pads dead on the beat. There are different levels of difficulties which will have you coming back time and time again to test your dancing skills.

And much more...

That is to name but a few games we have in our arcade. There is obviously a lot more, however, we can’t go through every single one, however, we have games to keep you and your friends occupied for hours on end while you compete against each other and against the machines.


There’s no need to book for our extensive arcade. The Funky Arcade is open from 3 pm every day so you can come down whenever is convenient for you and your friends/ opponents and even enjoy a yummy cocktail or two (or even more) while you play. You can, also, prebook for our American pool, neon golf or brand-new Duckpin Bowling while you’re with us. A fun day just got even more fun. We have a variety of packages to suit all agendas and budgets.

Suitable for all ages

Our arcade is suitable for all ages over the age of three. We do ask that children are supervised by a responsible adult, even if they have had a few cocktails (the adult, not the child). Whether you and your family or colleagues are 3 or 103, there will be something for everyone within our arcade.