Questions? We're happy to answer them

Have you got questions about playing indoor mini golf or anything else that we offer? Fear not as we have the answers.

General FAQs

No, you don’t need to wear a mask, however, you will need either a COVID passport or proof of a recent negative lateral flow or PCR test.

If you test positive for COVID then first of all (for the wellbeing of all our customers), please don’t show up. Please give us a call or drop us an e-mail to let us know and we can look at rescheduling your booking for when you are all fit and healthy, so you don’t lose your deposit.

Yes of course, let us know how many people you’d like doing what and when (i.e., indoor crazy golf at 2pm and duckpin bowling at 4pm for 6 people).

We are based just outside Wythall Heath, West Midlands. You will find us just off the Alcester Road.

If you need to change any of the details on a booking, then give us a call and we can make any relevant amendments manually.

Yes, there is free parking available, however, vehicles are parked at the owners’ risk and The Funky Venue can take no responsibility for any damage caused while parked in this car park.

You can book in groups of up to six people, however, you can book more than one group if you are willing to split up for certain activities.

Golf FAQs

Golf ball yellow

Booking is preferable and the only way that we can guarantee that you will play, however, if you do just turn up and we have availability then we will let you play.

Crazy Golf is a fun activity that pretty much any aged person can play. It is, essentially, just the putting aspect of golf, however, there are often obstacles and/ or themes added to each hole. You score based on the number of shots it took you to get the ball in the hole. The lower the score the better and the lowest score wins.

  1. There are to be no more than 6 people in a group on any one hole.
  2. The holes must be played in the correct order. Missing holes out or playing them out of order is not allowed.
  3. When taking a shot, do not swing the putter higher than your knee.
  4. If you hit the ball off the neon golf course, then pop the ball back on the course where it went off and add one shot to your count.
  5. If your ball ends up against the edge of the indoor golf course or an obstacle on it, you can move it out the distance of one club head.
  6. There may be moving parts on our crazy golf course. Please ensure that these are not touched or stood on
  7. Players should tee off from the designated spot.
  8. Ensure that all players have a good time and enjoy playing our glow in the dark mini golf course!

Yes, you just need to produce a COVID passport of proof of a recent negative test.

First off, don’t eye three holes down, yell “FORE” and swing the golf club back behind your neck and swing as hard as you’re able to.

Mini Golf is more strategic than just hitting as hard as possible, so you don’t need to hit the ball super hard.

The key to winning is to get the lowest score. Stay as focused as possible, stand square to the golf ball and swing the club gently, in a pendulum like motion, from your back foot through the ball. That said, it’s not all about winning, the most important thing is that you and your group have fun.

Our glow in the dark mini golf is open from 3pm every day.

This can vary entirely depending on the time of year etc. If you’re worried about it being too busy, then get in contact and we can let you know when it’s quieter.

Our neon golf is a deal at just £10 pp for adults and £7 pp for children.

If you want to prove that you are super competitive then, yes, you can bring your own golf clubs, however, just your putters. Any clubs you do bring are solely your responsibility. Our clubs are thoroughly sterilised, and we have sizes to suit pretty much everyone.

This varies entirely from group to group. It could be anything from 45 minutes to two hours.

No, not at all. Our indoor crazy golf is geared toward complete beginners and if you’re having any problems then our staff will be happy to advise.

Up to six people per group can play our crazy golf course.

Yes, you can, and our bar offers a wide variety of cocktails.

There are 12 themed, glow in the dark, holes on our crazy golf course.

Yes, and most of our customers are adults.

While golf attire is not necessary, we, also, don’t recommend turning up in beachwear or stiletto/ stud bottomed shoes.

Bowling FAQs

Bowling pools

Duckpin bowling is very similar to ten pin bowling, everything is just smaller. The pins are lighter which means they are harder to knock over and it’s more difficult to get a strike. As such, bowlers are allowed three bowls per frame.

Honestly? We’re not entirely sure, however, we believe that it’s to do with the way the pins fly and what they look like as they do.

Good hand/eye coordination is always helpful; however, try aiming for the area between the 1 and 3 and 1 and 2 pin. As with anything, practice is key.

Definitely keep it underarm, however, try swinging your arm a little less and putting slightly more “throw” into the motion.

The highest score ever recorded is 279 by Pete Signore Jr in 1992. Anything from 70 up to 100 is a decent bowling average for a recreational bowler. League players should be scoring around 175. The higher the score the better.

Our Duckpin Bowling is open from 3pm every day.

Each bowler gets 3 bowls per “frame” or “turn”. As with ten pin bowling, if you get a strike then you get an additional bowl.

Funky Duckpin Bowling is a deal at just £11 pp for adults and £8 pp for children.

Up to 6 people per group can book together.

Of course. Maybe pop the cocktail down when it’s your turn, however, we wouldn’t have a bar so close by if we didn’t want you to use it!

Make sure that you’re wearing clothes that you’re comfortable and free to move in. The Duckpin Bowling Balls resemble cannon balls so if one happens to come flying at you it’s handy to be able to move.

Arcade FAQs

Arcade FAQ

You can drink wherever you like while you are at The Funky Venue, this includes the Arcade.

We have a wide selection of games including, but not limited to, Mario Kart, Dance Machines, Punch Bags and 10p machines.

Our Arcade is open from 3pm every day.

No. You can just turn up for the arcade, you don’t need to book for this.

Bar FAQs


We serve a wide variety of cocktails which you can drink in our bar, arcade, as you go around our neon golf course or compete on our Duckpin bowling alley. These include Sex on the Beach, Mojitos, Cosmopolitans and many more.

Yes, we serve a variety of beers and spirits so you can be assured that we will have your drink of choice.

If we don’t have an event on, then no, you don’t need to book, you can just pitch up.

We stay up to date with current Government Covid guidelines and implement them accordingly.

We have a guaranteed electric atmosphere. Whether you are looking for a bar to sit and chill out in or socialise, this is the place for you. We have, also, recently spent a lot of money on refurbishing it completely and it now has a mezzanine as well.

The Funky Bar is open from 3pm until late.